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Posted by oldster on March 15, 2006

robot_carp.jpgRyomei Engineering, in cooperation with two other Hiroshima-area engineering companies, has developed a robot resembling a koi carp. The robot was demonstrated at a pond on the grounds of Hiroshima Machinery Works, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

The robot is modeled after a Nishiki koi carp as a form of tribute to Hiroshima Castle (whose nickname Ri-jo means Koi Castle). The 80-cm (31-inch), 12-kg (26-pound) fish has a white body with bright red spots. Though the tail movement is very smooth and lifelike, the remote-controlled koi is capable of moves that a genuine koi is unable to perform, such as swimming in reverse and rotating in place.


6 Responses to “Robocarp”

  1. josh said

    what the hell is that you shouldent send that thing into the water as a big metal fish would scare the smaller fis

  2. kewlio said

    woa kewl!

  3. koilove said

    waste of money, put bigger turbos into the WRX.

  4. scott said

    u no that it no massive u no it as small as a koi but the pic is zoomed in and it had a camra in it mouth for under water fishign with is awsume screw trubos it awsume

  5. kogepan said

    that is pure genius, i meen how amazing is that robocarp thing.

  6. oliver said

    why put that thig in the water its stupid

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